Guys, I think I have a sex/porn/masturbation addiction. It’s like drugs I try to stay away and loose them but I  leered back; it’s like a high, nothing hurts at all and I feel relieved. I know what I’m doing isn’t good while I’m doing it but it’s just like a “fuck it” mentality “thinking with my dick”. After I’m done I feel completely tore down and my body is extremely tired and sore and I feel very dirty. I stay in my apartment all day unless it’s too fuck. I just feel awful and I wanted to change this, this year but I’m still slipping down deeper into this dark hole of emptiness. It’s becoming too much and I don’t know how much longer I can handle it. I’m this close to letting a satanist BDSM/torture Master use me to death.  I just needed to tell someone while I still can.


yes sir
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Eric Decker
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